Asean Cuntry support Rohingya Refugees ethnic

Allmuzzammil Yusuf, a legislator from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), has asked the ASEAN forum to support Rohingya ethnic people in Myanmar gain their official citizenship.

In his e-mail to ANTARA on Tuesday, Allmuzzammil said the most important thing of ASEAN member states was to stop the violent conflict in Myanmar and to overcome food crisis being faced by the Rohingya community.

Further in the name of humanity, he said ASEAN should facilitate Rohingya community to obtain their official citizenship wherever they are.

The member of Inter-parliament Cooperation Board (BKSAP) also asked Indonesian Government`s initiative to help solve the Rohingya problem through ASEAN forum.

According to Allmuzzammil, it was said in ASEAN Charter that the aim of the organization was to ensure the people under the members of ASEAN to live in peace and harmony in a fair and democratic environment.

"The PKS faction in the House of Representatives asks President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to have the foreign affairs minister play his active role in solving the Rohingya problem through ASEAN forum," he said.

Allmuzzammil said he was concerned with the plight of Rohingya ethnic community whose official citizenship was not acknowledged in Myanmar and Bangladesh.
By Samarinda